Placement Policy

  • For the purpose of Training and Placement, hereby undertake to comply with the following terms and conditions:

    • It is stated that such students who have scored less than 80% marks in the test conducted by TPO and those who were absent for the said test, the Aptitude and soft skills training arranged by the TPO, PVPPCOE is compulsory for such students. If they don't attend and complete the training, they will not be eligible for the Placement Season 2018-19. Further they will not be getting any Placement drive calls from the TPO, PVPPCOE.

    • After your selection in a company through placement drive, you will not be allowed to attend or appear for another placement drive. But if a company offers a salary which is approximately 30% more than what you have got as a payment in your previous attempt, then you will be allowed to have one more go, (One and only one) at the placement drive and in such a case you will get a call from TPO.

    • If you are absent for a scheduled placement Drive, and then you will be barred from appearing in the successive placement drives to be conducted at the institute. And in regards to this, no explanation or excuse may be reciprocated unless and until you inform the TPO beforehand concerning your absence.

    • You are hereby instructed to provide correct and true data to TPO for placement drive. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against those students who provide wrong and false data.

    • You are hereby advised to follow rules and regulations laid down by the TPO and also provide your support for placement drives as it is in your (student's) own interest.