OPAC(Online Public Access Catelog)

About Library

The Library of Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil Pratishtan's College of Engineering was established in 1990, the same year when the college came into being. The library is located on the first floor of the A wing building of the college. Mrs. Varsha Dange served as the first librarian of the college library from 1991.The library which started with an initial collection of 1000 books has now grown up to a rich collection of 30,000 books and 754 bound volumes of National and International periodicals.

Having established a user-friendly environment in the library, the present library team manages the library with prompt and effective, online & offline library services.

ACADEMIC- Four Courses

  • Computer Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Information Engineering

Area of the Library:

1. Total Area : 400 Sq mtrs.
2. Reading Hall : 169 Sq mtrs.

Library Functioning Schedule:

1. Working days : Monday to Friday
2. Working Hours : 8.30 am to 8.30 pm.
3. During Exam : 8 .00 am to 9.00 p.m.

Seating Arrangement:

  1. Students : 96
  2. Faculty : 20
  3. Researchers : 06

Daily Turnover Of the Library:

1. Circulation Counter : 200 Books approximately
2. Reading Hall : 97 Students for reading

Total Collection of the Library :

1. Books : 29970
2. Journals :52
3. Online Journals :04
5. Bound Volumes :754
6. CDsA/V :9
7. Maps :04
8. Newspapers :07

AICTE online Periodicals added during the year 2014-2015

  1. IEEE
  2. McGraw-Hill
  3. Science direct
  4. Springer

Collection Development: Every year new books are added to the library collection. This year i.e. 2013-14 the library has purchased 1606 books, subscribed 52 National and 04 AICTE online links

Library Facilities:

  1. Inter library facilities:

    1. IIT Central Library, Mumbai

    2. British Council Library(BCL), Mumbai

  2. Multimedia

  3. NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning)

  4. Reprography

  5. Book Bank

  6. Newspaper Clippings

  7. Syllabus

  8. Question Papers

Library Services

  • Open Access System for all our students & staff
  • OPAC
  • Reading Room Services
  • Bar Code based Issue / Return facility
  • News Paper Clippings
  • Reference Service

Computerization of Library

Library software e-Granthalaya has been purchased and all major activities namely Acquisition,Cataloguing, Circulation, and Serial Control have been computerized.OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and Internet facilities aremade available. This year we have also upgraded version eG3 Rev. No. 26 of the e- Granthalaya software.

Computer LAN of the Library :


Librarian's Cabin

: 01


Circulation Counter

: 01


Assistant Librarian's Desk

: 03


Processing Section

: 01


OPAC/Internet /Multimedia /NPTEL

: 12

Total Machines

: 18

Bar Coding of Library Collection: A barcode printer and two scanners are used for bar-coding purpose. The task of bar coding was started with active collection and it took five months to complete. Now the bar coding of the passive collection is on. Computerized bar-coded Borrowing Tickets have been followed since 2012.


  1. Home Lending:The counter for home lending is kept open between 9.15 am to 6.30 pm. on all working days of the week. Students, Faculties and Non teaching staff can borrow books from this counter. Generally students are issued two books for one week and Faculties and Non teaching staff can borrow three books for a period of one month.

  2. Reference Service: The library staff assists the readers in finding their relevant books.Readers are also provided with relevant documents, which are of their interest. They are also shown the technique of finding information through computerized database.

  3. Current Awareness Service: List of content pages of the Periodicals/ Magazines is given to the readers on demand. The College subscribes Seven Daily Newspapers ,these news papers are kept in the Reading Hall.

  4. vBibliographic Service:It is an on demand service. List of reference books and other materials is provided to the faculty and students.

  5. OPAC: OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) have been provided to have an easy access to the collection of the library. The library staff helps readers in browsing the computerized database through OPAC.

  6. Inter- Library Loan Facility:The College Library provides inter library loan facility to the readers for extra reading needs of its readers. From IIT Mumbai Central Library and British Council Library (BCL) Mumbai.

    Following institutions are on our list of Inter library Loan Facilities :

    1. IIT Central Library Mumbai
    2. British Council Library (BCL) Mumbai.
  7. Multimedia Facility:The library has six nodes for Internet browsing, NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) IIT Video lecturers these computers are provided with headphone and printer in sharing connectivity

  8. Photocopy Facility:The library have a rich collection of reference and rare books that cannot be loaned out for home reading. Readers can get a part of those documents Xeroxed at the rate of Re.1 page.

  9. Book Bank:For two semesters in the academic year, sets of books are given to the Book Bank for Backward Class Students.

Library Finance:

The finance for the library comes in the form of fees from the students.

Statistics of library budget for last three years:

Year Total No. of Books Amount (Rs.) National Journals
Hard Copy (Rs.)
On-line Journals(Rs.) Total
Budge (Rs)
2012-2013 0341 1,12,636.00 61,604.00(29) 10,30,889.00 12,05,129.00
2013-2014 0377 1,59,867.00 89,760.00(30) 11,07,011.00 13,56,638.00
2014-2015 0490 2,40,752.00 1,66,760.00 (52) 10,48,755.00 14,56,267.00
TOTAL 1208 5,13,255.00 3,18,124.00 31,86,655.00 40,18,034.00

Grievance Redresser of The Students:

  1. Consultation with the Librarian:Students can consult the librarian for problems related to the library and its services. The librarian will try to settle them in his capacity or forward them to the Principal of the college.

  2. Suggestion Box: A suggestion box is kept in the library seeking valuable suggestions and recommendations from the readers. The suggestions made by them are taken up and discussed in the library committee meeting and healthy suggestions are implemented.

Library Staff:

Sr.No. Name Position Contact Details
1 Mrs.Varsha V. Dange Librarian MobileNo:9757311269
Tel.:022 -24070547,24038716,24071385 Extn.1132
Email Id : Varsha.dange2010@gmail.com
2 Mr. R.A.Kamble Assistsnt Librarian Mobile No. 9272855526 Tel.: 022 -24070547,24038716,24071385 Extn.1131
Email Id :rkambale123@rediffmail.com
3 Mr. Premkumar H More Assistant Librarian Mobile No. 9702760589 Tel.: 022 -24070547, 24038716, 24071385 Extn.1131
Email Id :premkumarmore@gmail.com


Library Orientation program:Every year the library conducts Library Orientation program for new comers in order to make them aware of the library facilities available for them.

Book Exhibition: Every year the college library holds the book exhibition cum sale event of recent publications and to facilitate bulk purchase of books. For the academic year 2012-13, the library conducted a two-day Book Exhibition on 24th and 25th November 2012.

The library purchased 480 books during the exhibition.

Seating Arrangement For Research Scholars: Besides the normal seating arrangement for college students and teachers, the library has arranged for separate cubicles for Research Scholars where they can safely keep their reference books and periodicals the want frequently.

Library Finance:The finance for the library comes in the form of fees from the students. Some share of grants comes from the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, and a special allocation of funds from Assistant Commissioner Social Welfare Mumbai City.

Facilities Hightlights

  • Book Stacking Area
  • Reference Section
  • Digital Library
  • Audio Visual Room
  • General Reading Section
  • Faculty Reading Section

Facilities Details

Book Stacking Area

  • Capacity: 25,000 Books
  • Subject wise labeled cupboards.
  • Collection of CDs/ DVDs procured along with books & magazines.

Reference Section

  • Seating capacity: 48

  • Resources available: magazines, journals, encyclopedia, handbooks, dictionaies, thesaurus etc.

  • Except the current month's issues other magazines can be borrowed for a week

Digital Library

  • 24 PCs connected on LAN

  • Seating capacity: 24

  • 4 mbps leased line dedicated internet connection

  • Access to e- resources like online magazines, journals, conference proceedings and institute library content server

Audio Visual Room

  • Seating capacity: 20

  • 5”X 6” wide screen with LCD projector

  • White board

  • Available or teachers to conduct small training sessions

General Reading Section

  • Seating Capacity: 128

  • Facilities:News papers, notice board with latest updates

Faculty Reading Section

  • Air conditioned room

  • Seating capacity: 30