Electronics Engineering


Mrs. Nilima Zade
Incharge Head Of Department

Email: hod_elex@pvppcoe.ac.in

Electronics Department believes in providing excellent education to all students which fosters creativity in Learning, research and building a knowledge base by imparting quality education.

Electronics department, one of the pioneer department of PVPPCOE, was established in 1991 with few staff members and some laboratories. Now we have a total of 20 staff members and 6 laboratories to our credit. With the strength of the well-established infrastructure and the innovative learning methodologies implemented by expert faculties, the students of the Electronics Department are bound to achieve high success.

'An emphasis on students mentoring, achievements and academic excellence' lies at the heart of our department working - in terms of the quality of information they receive..., the ways in which their learning is facilitated and supported, and the academic standards they are expected to achieve...'

The Dept. has Departmental library for the students & faculty having reference as well as text books. The library also contains different reference project as well as seminar reports. The projector & laptop facility is provided for the effective teaching.

To reflect this emphasis,

  • And to meet challenges of the technological innovation and market economy, and to serve the needs of career development of our graduates, the education programs at the department have been enriched to strengthen the fundamental expertise and to broaden the horizon. With this objective, we have conducted various seminars, workshop and courses like Next Generation Networks, MATLAB Programming, IP & DSP to steer our students towards technical growth.

  • Lesson plan and subject plan is given to the students at the commencement of the term which provides full information and guidance on the aims and structure of their subject in the curriculum, the content, associated workload and the methods of assessments.

  • The Mentorship program has been implemented successfully with a view to provide a mechanism to interface with the real world. In essence the mentors recognize all aspects of human issues that are otherwise not addressed by the curriculum.

  • Parent-Teacher meeting is conducted as a platform to make a lasting bond with the parent so as to increase the likelihood of academic success for our students.

  • Counseling for higher education is given by educational consultants.
  • Constant guidance and monitoring is done by the faculty for BE projects.
  • The laboratories are well equipped with latest equipments and computers with advanced softwares such as VHDL, ORCAD Pspice, MICROWIND, MATLAB with toolboxes etc.

  • The Department conducts an Intercollegiate Technical Festival OSMOSIS under EESA which gives the students the platform to apply Engineering concepts and principles to practical use. The department has an affiliation with professional society like ISTE.

The department has always strived towards improving the quality of education imparted to its students. We have taken a pledge to improve the system and facilitate the students with value education.

We've come a long way but not half as far as we will go.