Information Technology


To be a centre of innovation by adopting changes in the field of Information Technology to meet the challenging needs of the society and industry.


To provide an academic environment to students by including Problem solving, Teamwork and Leadership Skills to achieve their goals in the field of Information Technology.

Program Educational Objective (PEO)

The IT Engineering program has established the following program educational objectives

  • Excellence :- To motivate students to become successful in the field of Information Technology around the globe.

  • Core skills Set :- To provide students with sound foundation in mathematics and engineering fundamentals to solve engineering problems.

  • Innovation :- To train students to identify and formulate the real life problems and obtain solution using modern tools and technologies.

  • Learning Environment:- To encourage students for lifelong learning to improve their knowledge in depth and enhance career opportunities.

  • Professionalism :- To inculcate ethical values & nurture professional attitude which helps students to become responsible citizen.

Program Outcomes (PO)

  • Basic Engineering Knowledge :- Students should be able to apply the fundamental knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering for solving problems in Information Technology.

  • Problem Analysis :- Students should be able to identify, analyze and interpret data to formulate, design , develop or research various solutions for complex engineering problems in the field of Information Technology.

  • Design/Development of Solution :- Students should be able to design solutions for benefit of the society.

  • Conduct Investigation of Complex problems :- The students should be able to provide solutions to complex problems that may have multiple solutions, may not be having specific constraints / requirements defined.

  • Modern Tool Usage :- Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, and modern engineering and IT tools, including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities, with an understating of the limitions.

  • The Engineer and Society :- Student should be able to apply the knowledge to assess social issues and the responsibilities relevant to engineering practices.

  • Environment and sustainability :- Students should be able to understand the impact of engineering solutions in social and environmental context and demonstrate the need of sustainable development.

  • Ethics :- Students should apply ethical principles while handling engineering practice.

  • Individual and Team Work:- Students should be able to function effectively as an individual or as a part of a team in multidisciplinary settings.

  • Communication :- Students should be able to communicate, comprehend and document effectively.

  • Project Management and Finance :- Students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply them effectively to manage projects.

  • Lifelong Learning :- The students should be able to select, design, integrate and administers IT based solutions into the organizational environment by enhancing their knowledge & skill sets.