The new frontiers of engineering have a significant impact on engineering education. It is important to examine and debate the future directions of engineering education. I have been an educationist in the field of engineering for over twenty years. In order to meet the challenges of the new frontiers of engineering and the needs of the 21st century, it is important to educate engineers to think across different subject areas. As you can see, many of the new frontiers involve a high degree of interdisciplinary and require a strong engineering science foundation.

To my mind an educational institute is not just about bricks, mortar and concrete, but about building character, enriching minds and about enriching experiences that lasts a lifetime.

Life is not a set of instructions but is a series of experiences and learning process. Engineering is no exception. This is where "Padmabhusan Vasantdada Patil Pratishthan's College of Engineering (PVPPCOE)" steps in - to make a difference and where learning is not just series of instructions but a passion, which goes beyond books, beyond instructions, beyond learning horizons. With a student strength of 1200 plus for total five departments i.e., Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology and Marine Engineering at under graduate of engineering, the efforts are directed to accommodate and address the expectations of each student by the way of enabling them to participate in the seminars, workshops organized in and out of the institute. Being an outstanding student means much more than getting best grades in exams. It means becoming a well-rounded person with excellent academic, communication, leadership and social skills.

The commitment of our staff to provide ALL of our students the highest quality education possible, The "PVPPCOE" is sure to continue its long standing Tradition of Excellence. There are many wonderful things taking place currently on our campus. Many of our students are enjoying the events like Vasantdada Patil Engineering Cultural and Sports (VPECS), Department level Professional activities, Inter collegiate Techno cultural program (FUSION) etc. Also, we recorded record numbers of both parents and students for our Parent teacher interaction meeting (PTIM) open house. Our parents are continuing to take advantage of the online system that allows them the opportunity to track their child's academic progress on a daily basis without leaving the confines of their homes. Most of our under class men continue to explore career paths while building their academic portfolios for future opportunities.

As a principal, I search for opportunities everyday to challenge and inspire our stakeholders to contribute to college life. I encourage their participation in as many ways as possible. Everyone has special talents and gifts to share with others. As hard as our work often is, I have never seen anyone as happy and satisfied as when they are sharing their knowledge and expertise with our students. It creates a definite buzz in the college. This ultimately filters down to the students who in turn learn from these positive role models. We also take as many opportunities as possible for professional development for faculty as well as students (ISTE, IETE, IE(I), IEEE, CSI etc) as per their specialization. This ensures there will always be a strong team who will continue to provide all the opportunities that our students need and deserve.

Our students show leadership through their classes and extra-curricular activities. As well, many are involved in many activities. Some are great writers, readers, artists, singers, problem solvers, dancers, junior scientists, entrepreneurs etc. By sharing this with others they benefit greatly. They build teamwork and leadership skills through various activities.

The institute is also engaged in supporting the students to refine the necessary skills, attitudes and the aptitude towards the corporate placement process in the campus by the way of periodical competitive tests and group interaction exercises. As part co-curricular and extra curricular activities we conduct national and intercollegiate level seminars and workshops; encourage students to participate in technical paper presentation contests; organize lectures by experts from leading industries, conduct University sports meets etc.

Our ambition is to create a college that meets/exceeds the educational, social and physical needs of all its students. Students, teachers, parents, and society are stakeholders in this effort. The challenge is to draw them all together to support the students in their day-to-day efforts of achieving the goals. One of our aims is to provide the opportunity to all of our students to develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to take their place in the world of work and higher education. I believe the solution is to give our students a ‘level playing field'; a college where everyone has similar opportunities. Through succeeding, students develop their self-worth and confidence and with a ‘can do' attitude. I know the college can have a magical effect on a student's future. The College simultaneously promotes personal development and collaborative learning in an environment of intellectual experimentation. Our combination of innovative use of creative curriculum structures over and above syllabus and materials means that our students are taking part in the creation of the future of learning.

The best practices helped the institution to improve the quality of technical education and helped to achieve academic excellence. It is possible to achieve improvements on the academic and other fronts by united efforts of Management, faculty members, staff and students. There is improvement in participative management with excellent team work amongst stake holders. It has showed that by the collective efforts one can achieve excellence regarding joint activities like paper publications, joint research, resource sharing etc. It has helped the faculty members and students to know technical requirements of the community which can raise the standards of living. Some of the best practices @ PVP helped the students to concentrate and score very good marks and change in overall personality are Starting with Morning Prayer, 100% attendance, Compulsory ID display in the campus, Use of Cell phone strictly prohibited, Well planned academic calendar in all departments and institute level, Mentoring and counseling the weak students, Regular parent teacher interactions, 100 % Syllabus completion. Remedial classes for weak students. Periodic tests and orals to help students to perform better at the end Sem, preliminary examination similar to University pattern, which helped the students drastically. Regular lectures series, industrial visits, workshops, seminars, conferences over and above syllabus, Felicitation to Academic Toppers, Involving students in R & D activities. One Technical Magazine per department.

This is the age of information technology. It is imperative to make full use of the technical facility of clicking a mouse to receive instant feedback about your ward and his school environment and make a positive contribution by way of your valuable suggestions. You are also requested to encourage your children to make maximum use of this portal by browsing regularly for information about holidays' homework, regular assignments, marking scheme of exams and projects.

We wish our stake holders and well wishers all the best and good luck.

Dr. Alam Shaikh